Crab Apple’s Classic Rock Playlist for Your White Water Rafting Trip


Crab Apple’s Classic Rock Playlist for Your White Water Rafting Trip

You have a long drive in the morning to Crab Apple Whitewater for a great day of white water rafting. You need some river songs to get everyone psyched for the trip. Here’s a list of Ten Classic Rock Songs with the word “River” in the title. There are dozens more, here are a few Crab Apple Staff favorites. You could also put together a list of Folk songs with…


Coolest Whitewater Rafting Gadgets

3 Cool White Water Rafting Gadgets That Come in Handy When you are preparing for your white water rafting trip, surely you will bring along the basics-like a camera, swimsuit, sunscreen, and water shoes-but there are few additional white water rafting gadgets that you may want to pack in order to make the most of your experience: Waterproof Binoculars for Incredible Viewing To fully immerse yourself in the beauty around…


White Water Rafting Company History

At Crab Apple our guests often ask how and when people started white water rafting on The Kennebec River in Maine. Let’s begin with a brief overview of The Forks Area in the 1970’s. While The Forks area was always driven by logging and outdoor tourism (primarily hunting and fishing), by the late 1970’s most people in the area were involved in the logging or log drives taking place on…


Adventure Travel for High School Students

What a High School Student Can Learn from White Water Rafting in Maine Adventure travel is a popular activity for high school students. From Australia to Peru to France, traveling abroad helps them explore the world and learn valuable life lessons. But did you realize that there is something just as exciting in Maine that offers plenty of teachable moments? It’s true, and it’s called white water rafting. Not sure…


Hey Couples-Rent a Cabin in Maine and Go White Water Rafting

Are you looking for the perfect way to woo your partner? Have you considered other experience gifts but just can’t find one that seems to fit your craving for adventure while still catering to couples? Well, today is your lucky day. At Crab Apple, we are your prime place for adventure tourism that is also suitable for a weekend of romance. Rent a cozy cabin in Maine and experience white…


Winter Survival Guide for the White Water Rafting Enthusiast

If there is one negative aspect to white water rafting in Maine, it is that rafting in winter is not a possibility. Yes, we agree that it’s a major bummer, but over the years we have developed several strategies to make the absence of white water rafting somewhat bearable. So without further ado, here are four ways to keep your white water rafting spirit alive even when the weather in…


5 Massachusetts Whitewater Rafting Tips

White water rafting can be one of the most memorable experiences of your life, but just like anything, if you haven’t done it before, it can seem a little scary. But we promise you if you can just get onboard and trust the process, you will have an unforgettable time, and you may even become a frequent rafter. To help prepare you for what you will come across on the…


The Best Questions We’ve Ever Been Asked While White Water Rafting

Getting to go white water rafting every day is the coolest job in the world as far as we are concerned. Each day brings a new adventure, and with every group of rafters comes questions. Lots and lots of questions. While some of them we get—like what to wear for a white water rafting trip, or what to bring along on the raft—others just make us scratch our heads. Our…


Unique Training for White Water Rafting Guides

Training for Crab Apple’s white water rafting guides on the Monroe Bridge Section of the Deerfield River in Massachusetts has five parts – one is unique to Crab Apple. Before training on the river begins, detailed maps, videos and Go Pro helmet footage from previous white water rafting trips are made available and studied by prospective guides. Maps are two dimensional maps of each rapid drawn by river manager, Frank…