Winter Survival Guide for the White Water Rafting Enthusiast

If there is one negative aspect to white water rafting in Maine, it is that rafting in winter is not a possibility. Yes, we agree that it’s a major bummer, but over the years we have developed several strategies to make the absence of white water rafting somewhat bearable. So without further ado, here are four ways to keep your white water rafting spirit alive even when the weather in Maine doesn’t permit the real deal:

Book Your Next Trip Now

First and foremost, there is nothing that will get you through the long, treacherous, non-whitewater-raftable months like scheduling the first Maine white water rafting excursion of the season. Our first run of the Kennebec is on Saturday, April 9, 2016, and if you act now, you can be a part of it. Imagine yourself making your way down the Kennebec with wind in your hair and water splashing in your face. Once you have this rafting trip on the books, you will know exactly how many more days you have to wait until you can get back on the water, which will make it much easier to get through.

Trick Your Eyes

One way to make the days of no whitewater rafting in winter pass quicker is to make it look like you are rafting your favorite river in your own home. Print out a wall-size (window-size will suffice) photo of your favorite Maine river for white water rafting-whether it be the Kennebec River or the Dead River-and hang it up somewhere you see on the daily.

Cook Up a River Feast

While nothing can beat white water rafting itself, our customers rave about our basecamp cookouts, so what better way to satisfy your Crab Apple craving than by emulating your own river feast? From chicken to steak to fish, gather up your faves, light up the barbecue, and get to grilling. And don’t forget the most important part: to talk about your favorite white water rafting memories at the dinner table.

Fake It

If there are two things every experienced white water rafter knows, it’s that you are going to be covered in water and sand by the time your trip is over. So why not imitate these two sensations with a little help from your friends? For the water aspect, you need to get fully dressed in your white water rafting attire, and then get in the shower, close your eyes, and have a friend surprise you with either a bucket of water over your head or a squirt gun spray in your face—and then have them switch it up, every few seconds until you get your water fix. As for the sand aspect, just buy some sand and sprinkle it in your purse, your luggage, and your pockets and it will be just like you are heading home from a white water rafting trip. (This is a joke! While you can try this at home, we don’t really recommend it.)

You see? There are ways to get through the Maine white water rafting dry spell. It just takes a little bit of imagination, and knowing when your next white water rafting trip will be, and the next few months will fly by.


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