Not sure what to do for your buddy’s bachelor party? The best bachelor parties are adventurous, adrenaline-filled, bonding experiences. What activities meet these requirements? Whitewater rafting! If you’re organizing a bachelor party and are struggling to find the perfect activity, why not look into rafting trips? Even on a limited budget, a weekend away will give your buddies a chance to reconnect and swap stories about old times.  

The best bachelor parties combine the 1-2 punch of physical activity with post-activity drinks and laughter. Bachelor party weekends with a day of whitewater rafting have become extremely popular in the last decade. Imagine how pumped the groom will be when he finds out that he is headed for a weekend of adventure and whitewater rafting with his oldest friends. 

Rafting is the ultimate bonding experience in a wondrous outdoor setting. Paddle together, work together, and laugh together for miles on the river. Rapids allow the right amount of challenge and adrenaline while including calmer areas to allow time to catch up and “shoot the sh*t.” 

To start planning your rafting bachelor weekend, research and find a destination within a  reasonable driving distance with quality one-day rafting adventures. Any tourist area with rafting will likely have other amenities for a great weekend with the boys: camping,  cabins, hotels, or more private lodging through Airbnb, VRBO, etc. Areas supporting adventure tourism will also have restaurants, pubs, and more for post-rafting hangouts.  
Take the time to check in with the groom, groomsmen, and friends to plan a great bachelor weekend. Spend time catching up and enjoying the adrenalin rush of whitewater rafting. You’re planning an important weekend — make it memorable!


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