The Best Questions We’ve Been Asked

Getting to go white water rafting every day is the coolest job in the world as far as we are concerned. Each day brings a new adventure, and with every group of rafters comes questions. Lots and lots of questions. While some of them we get—like what to wear for a white water rafting trip, or what to bring along on the raft—others just make us scratch our heads. Our customers entertain us and make our job much more enjoyable, that’s for sure. Some of the questions they asked gave us such a chuckle that we thought you might want to hear about them too.

From dinosaurs (they are extinct) to river roundabouts (no, the river doesn’t go in a circle) to air types (um, we don’t even know what to say to that one), our customers sure are creative. The following are all real questions that the Crab Apple staff has received while on white water rafting excursions. Yes, all of them were really asked, we promise. We couldn’t make this stuff up.

So go ahead and take a look for yourself, but before you get started, you might want to make sure you aren’t at work or the library, because you will probably end up laughing out loud. Just try to keep a straight face: We dare you.

  • “Will we see dinosaurs on the trip today?”
  • Rafter looking downstream at a beautiful mountain view: “Are those mountains with regular sized trees on them or a cluster of really tall trees that make it look like a mountain?”
  • “Are the rocks at the bottom of the river smooth from the rafts running over them?”
  • “How old is a deer when it turns into a moose?”
  • After rafting guide explains the rules for water fights, where teams throw water between rafts using buckets: “Where do we get the water to put in the buckets?”
  • Asking about future trip, woman asks, “Should we bring our own bathing suits?”
  • “How many seals had to die to make my wetsuit?”
  • Customer asks front desk staff if he can leave his pet mouse with them during the rafting trip.
  • “So how do they pump the water back up above the dam after we are done rafting?
  • “I want to look for something in the Lost and Found.” … OK, we’ll look for you, what are you missing? …  “My teeth. I left them at the lunch site.”
  • “Does the river go in a circle?”
  • “Do we end where we start?
  • “I see fishermen on the sides, but are there fish in the river?
  • “What kind of air do you put in the raft?”
  • “Is this river man made?”
  • “Do you move the rocks and change the rapids?”

At Crab Apple, we love our customers and we genuinely have a great time hosting white water rafting tours throughout Maine, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

And if you have asked us one of these questions while on a white water rafting tour, it’s okay. We forgive you. You are still one of our favorite customers.

Contact us to schedule your white water rafting trip today!


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