Team Building for College Groups


Team Building for College Groups

Team Building for College Groups College groups looking for fun outings should consider the importance of a team dynamic in their choice of trip or adventure. Amusement parks are fun, but the activity is provided and passive – not much chance to work together and complete a challenge or improve the experience through the skills or effort of the group. Similarly, a trip to an athletic event or concert are…


Senior Class Trip Activities in Maine and Massachusetts

Senior Class trips are a rite of passage for students leaving the friendly confines of the local high school and preparing to head off to the next chapter in life. It is one last chance to bond with friends that have been there for four years and possibly many more. Senior Class trips have many considerations – location, cost and student safety are important factors. Parents and chaperones hope for…

Crab Apple Whitewater Rafting

A Busy Off-Season at Crab Apple!

One of the most popular questions we are asked almost daily during the rafting season is what do we do (if anything!) during the off-season at Crab Apple. Well, the short answer is, “more than you think!” While we enjoy the down time that comes with a seasonal business, the off-season is full of projects and work that continues year-round. As a family business, we also try and balance the…