In the Water or on the Shore, Family Summer Adventures Await in Maine

If you’re looking for the perfect summer family adventure, it may be time to direct your attention to Maine. Crab Apple Whitewater, Inc. not only offers a full roster of whitewater rafting trips on its many rivers, but this family-owned company has also developed and adopted plenty of other fun activities in and out of the water. Maine Summer Family Adventures Our Maine whitewater rafting trips run from mid-April through…


Spend Your Upcoming Whitewater Rafting Trip in Maine with Crab Apple

Whether you’re new to whitewater rafting or are a seasoned paddler, you may be searching for your next site for adventure on the rapids. Consider the great state of Maine, where you can find a variety of outdoors adventures. What Type of Experience Can You Expect with Crab Apple Whitewater Rafting Trips? This family owned company specializes in providing unique experiences on the water. Formed in 1983, Crab Apple has…


River Raft Guide Training

River Raft Guide Training At the beginning of each season whitewater rafting outfitters around the world evaluate their returning river guides and make plans to train new staff to fill in the holes vacated by those that have moved on. Rafting is a seasonal business in most locations around the world and turnover is common. Guides leave after the season and some return for many more. However, many guides move…


5 Reasons to Plan a Family Rafting Trip

5 Reasons to Plan a Family Rafting Trip Trying to plan that next family adventure and can’t seem to decide on a location or event? It is challenging to plan vacations as the kids get older and their tastes change. Even more complicated is when you have a family of different aged youngsters and teens. A family river rafting trip with Crab Apple may be the event and destination you…


Use of Drones by Crab Apple

2017 Blog – Drones Drones are being used more and more to film adventure experiences such as whitewater rafting and kayaking. Many believe that drone footage works best when filmed in remote locations where interference from others in the shot is unlikely. Therefore, drone cameras fit in perfectly with outdoor adventure sports such as whitewater rafting and kayaking! Drone technology, size and pricing have evolved so that professional level drones…


Maine’s Best Whitewater Rapids

5 of Maines Best Whitewater Rapids The most famous rapid in Maine white water rafting is “Magic Falls”. Featured about 3 miles into the Kennebec River, Magic Falls is a large class 4 rapid. Approximately ½ a mile long, Magic features a 16ft slide into a large raft eating hole. If the rafter makes it through they then need to navigate “The House Wave” and other large crashing waves down…


How to Dress for Whitewater Rafting

First time Whitewater Rafting Everyone loves to go on a white water rafting trip, but if you’ve never been on the water how do you know what to wear? No matter if you are rafting in Maine or Massachusetts, here are a few key things to do to prepare for your adventure./p> How to dress – Whitewater rafting is what people like to call a “wet sport.” One thing that…


What to Expect While Whitewater Rafting

5 Things You Should Expect While Whitewater Rafting The first thing guests should always expect on any whitewater rafting trip with Crab Apple is an unlimited amount of fun. All rafting adventures with Crab Apple Whitewater come with a recipe for smiles and memories that you’ll remember forever. Our staff specializes in customer service and safety ensuring that you’ll have the most fun that the river will provide. Guaranteed water…


Outdoor Activities in the Berkshire Mountains

The Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts offer a long list of outdoor and adventure activities for visitors. The natural beauty and varied terrain of the Berkshires is well-suited to a range of activities that will immerse you in the wilderness. Some activities provide tranquil views and remote quiet while others provide big thrills and adrenaline rushing excitement. On the quieter side the Berkshires features many short hikes with great views…


Team Building for College Groups

Team Building for College Groups College groups looking for fun outings should consider the importance of a team dynamic in their choice of trip or adventure. Amusement parks are fun, but the activity is provided and passive – not much chance to work together and complete a challenge or improve the experience through the skills or effort of the group. Similarly, a trip to an athletic event or concert are…