Visiting Moxie Falls, The Forks, Maine

When visiting The Forks, Maine area for whitewater rafting on the Kennebec River, make sure to take some time to visit Moxie Falls, Maine’s highest single drop waterfall. Parking and the trailhead for Moxie Falls are easily found about two miles up Moxie Road from the turn-off at Route 201. The Moxie Falls trail is … Continued

tour guide paddling in the back as parents and two kids sit on the raft smiling

How Much Should I Tip My Whitewater River Guide?

What Makes a Good Whitewater River Guide? Whitewater rafting trips are often enhanced by great river guides. River guides are often quite adept at handling the rapids on their rivers, but the great ones add so much more. When running the rapids, the skill of a top notch guide determines whether you have a thrilling … Continued

group of rafters paddling as the man in the back has his mouth his open

Whitewater Rafting in the Berkshires

Thousands of folks visit the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts each summer looking for things to do. Many are looking to enjoy the arts such as concerts at Tanglewood or dance at Jacob’s Pillow. Many visitors enjoy the fine outdoor dining in Stockbridge and Lenox. Everyone enjoys the fresh air and beautiful landscapes. Some visitors … Continued

person in the river after falling off the tube

Deerfield River Tubing in Massachusetts

What better way to spend a hot summer day than floating or tubing down a beautiful river? River users can float down the beautiful Deerfield River in Massachusetts in rafts, kayaks, canoes, tubes and on stand-up paddle boards (SUP). Tubing is great fun in deeper flowing waters that keep you safe from shallow rocks and … Continued

man with his arms in the air as water splashes on him and a group of rafters

COVID Comfort & Safety at Crab Apple Whitewater

Now approaching a year into the Worldwide Pandemic, we all have many unanswered questions about COVID Science, Studies, new strains, vaccines, etc. etc. However, we have all had plenty of time to figure out what activities are safe and comfortable during these unprecedented times. If you think about it – what parts of our day … Continued

five men posing with their paddles onshore

How Does A Wetsuit Work for Whitewater Rafting

Some whitewater rafting trips happen during cool weather and on rivers with cold water. In order to keep warm, rafters wear wetsuits that help insulate the body so that rafting is still enjoyable even when the air and/or water temperature are not ideal. How Do Wetsuits Keep You Warm? Wetsuits function similarly to warm clothes … Continued

brown water being filtered through the damn

Do Rafting Trips Ever Get Cancelled for “Flooding?”

When finalizing your upcoming commercial rafting adventure, make sure to ask about the Outfitter’s cancellation and refund policy. Outfitters that have been in business for many years have established clear policies based on safety first, good business practices and knowledge of the rivers that they are rafting. High-quality outfitters have been running rafting trips for … Continued

group of people with life vests posing as they smile in front of a waterfall

Cool Grandparents: Three Generations of White Water Rafting

Times certainly have changed. My Grandparents seemed old and sedentary – Grandma knitted, gave handwritten mail to the Mailman and baked delicious pies. Grandpa read the paper, rocked in his chair and napped. We never “did” much together outside of visiting at the Holidays, celebrating a birthday or an event such as a Graduation. Grandparents … Continued

group of rafters going downhill as the back of the raft lifts in the air

The Top 5 Things To Do In Maine In The Summer

Maine is a fantastic place to visit in the summer. With lots of outdoor adventures at every level, there is something for everyone. Maine offers white water rafting, waterfalls, hiking, art and everything else you could ever want to do outside.  Crab Apple Whitewater guests often ask what else there is to do during their … Continued

three women smiling in front of two men as they all pose for a picture in the water

Whitewater Rafting is the Best Day Trip in New England for Summer Fun!

Let’s go whitewater rafting! We are all looking for something fun, safe and thrilling for this summer. What can we do to get away from the screens and into a natural setting that is beautiful and challenging? Let’s go WHITEWATER RAFTING!! Let’s consider the alternatives: Amusement parks – been there. Stood in lines for hours … Continued


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