Times certainly have changed. My Grandparents seemed old and sedentary – Grandma knitted, gave handwritten mail to the Mailman and baked delicious pies. Grandpa read the paper, rocked in his chair and napped. We never “did” much together outside of visiting at the Holidays, celebrating a birthday or an event such as a Graduation.

Grandparents are different now – they are active and cool and looking for ways to have a memorable experience with their Grandchildren. Time in their Sixties and Seventies is for being active, healthy and engaged with the family rather than being spectators.

When we started rafting at Crab Apple Whitewater in 1983, it was rare to see rafters over 55. In the early years we hosted relatively few women and no younger children. We have expanded our offerings to a wide range of rafting challenges and moved closer to population centers. Every day we now see a full range of rafters – many kids under 10 trying rafting for the first time on a milder river, men and women in equal numbers and fantastic folks with an AARP card still running big whitewater or scaling back a bit in order to join their Grandchildren on a milder raft ride through gorgeous surroundings.

Three generation trips are amazing on so many levels. As a River Guide of over 30 years, I love taking a family with ages ranging from 8 to 78 on an unforgettable ride through Class 2 and 3 rapids and calm stretches in between the action. The kids want to sit in the front, feel the bumps from the rapids and get the full splashes right in their face. Mom and Dad sit behind the kids and watch closely that the kids are obeying the safety instructions and having fun. Grandma and Grandpa are generally sitting closer to me in the back and taking it all in – watching the kids smile and laugh as they ask me questions about a bird we saw overhead or local history.

During our time together on the river we are never interrupted by technology. What a treat! Time and river miles fly by and no one misses their phone as they ride the waves or stare off into the wilderness. The family gets each other’s undivided attention for hours while they get thrills in the rapids, slide out of the boat to cool off in the calm, deep sections of river and maybe team up to splash another raft that comes close by.

Three generation rafting trips at Crab Apple are the best! What a great way to spend a special day – together we share a unique experience, we challenge both young and old to work together through the rapids and enjoy time spent together as the raft drifts gently downstream in the milder sections of the river.

Where can we all get in the same raft for the best day of our summer and a family experience that will live forever? Join family owned and operated Crab Apple Whitewater in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts on the Deerfield River or on the Kennebec River in central Maine.
Our three generation family business would love to host your three generation family for a day that you will never forget!


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