Now approaching a year into the Worldwide Pandemic, we all have many unanswered questions about COVID Science, Studies, new strains, vaccines, etc. etc. However, we have all had plenty of time to figure out what activities are safe and comfortable during these unprecedented times. If you think about it – what parts of our day are unfettered by COVID guidelines and worries? These parts of the day are most enjoyable, right? My first thought is the outdoors – masks (mostly) off, plenty of space, fresh air and often an invigorating activity (walk, run, bike, ski, swim, etc). 

Whitewater Rafting at Crab Apple? – check! 

Let’s get outdoors more in 2021!

Activities and time spent in our tightest Family/Friend “bubble” is safe and comfortable. Unknowns are removed from the equation and we all feel “back to normal” in these small groups.

Whitewater Rafting at Crab Apple – check! 

We only reserve private rafts for Groups of 4 or more from a private reservation party. No mixing groups – putting two families together in the same raft or adding a couple to a group of 5 that still has space in their raft for more paddlers. Private rafts for reservation groups will continue through 2021! We had competitors from New England in 2020 that defied State Guidelines and mixed groups in their rafts on every trip. No doubt this policy will continue into 2021 – no changes at Crab Apple however. While it is devastating to the bottom line to have seats unfilled in most rafts, it is the right thing to do for our Guests and Staff.

Space, we want more space! Parking in busy lots is back to normal even as people linger outside their vehicles longer than ever. Let’s spread out and have space to converse outside, change clothes after a run, etc. Are groups gathering? – can we keep the groups small and isolated?

Whitewater Rafting at Crab Apple – check! 

At Crab Apple parking is designated for each reservation group with lots of outdoor, covered space to gather, leave belongings during a raft trip, stay dry if it is raining, etc. Each trip is a small group of 4-5 rafts, no large groups.

What businesses are most comfortable in COVID times? – businesses that have a very clear plan to keep everyone as safe as possible and have their employees set an excellent example for their Guests. People coming to a business instantly get a vibe – is it clean? Are Staff properly wearing masks of good quality? Does it seem like business as usual with “smiling eyes” and a friendly atmosphere?

Whitewater Rafting at Crab Apple? – check! 

Outgoing, friendly Staff clearly ready to help in every way and obviously enjoying where they work and what they do on and off the river – easy to see even with masks on! Staff seamlessly moves from task to task without hesitation on protocols and Guidelines. Yet the concerns, guidelines and protocols are not overhyped at every turn, they simply happen without fanfare.

We got through our COVID 2020 season with ingenuity and smart adjustments to procedures that were nearly 40 years in the making. 2021 will be even better – come see us this season for a comfortable and safe experience on the river!

The Mooney and Peabody Family, Crab Apple Staff


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