WhiteWater Rafting Trips

Planning Your Next White-Water Rafting Trip?

Look no further. Crab Apple offers a number of white water rafting trips for those new to white-water rafting to those with more experience. The varying degree of rough water offers new and challenging environments for those interested in white-water rafting trips. Be in the moment and battle the elements on surging waters today.

Crab Apple White-Water Rafting Trips

You want that adrenaline rush? Crab Apple is an expert on all things white-water rafting, offering a number of rafting trips for groups large and small. Testimonials show that Crab Apple provides the best experience possible:

"Everything was superb, the staff was Customer Service in its best form. Jennifer the owner was bubbly, energetic and knowledgeable, which of course put everyone at ease." — Sarah

Crab Apple has received additional acknowledgement from respected travel sites. TripAdvisor awarded it a certificate of excellence in 2015, and Bravo! rated it "excellent" by 239 travelers. Fellow white-water rafters testify to the quality and excellence of Crab Apple and their white-water rafting trips.

What are the Rafting Trip Options?

Travelers can choose to raft in Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont. Crab Apple trips help make for memorable adventure trips for any group.

Rafting Trips in Maine

Plan a rafting trip in Maine. Rafting trips run seven days a week starting in mid-April through mid-October. World class Class III-IV white water is available for adventure seekers on the Kennebec River and Dead River. Convenient and comfortable lodging is also available.

  • The ½ Day Kennebec River Family Trip is an excellent way to introduce family and friends to spectacular white-water rafting. It is appropriate for ages 5 and up and offers six miles of Class I-II white-water. Riverside snacks are provided.
  • The longer and slightly more challenging Dead River-Summer Rafting trip is classified as Class II-III white water. The minimum age is 9 and a delicious cookout lunch is provided during this engaging day on the Dead River.
  • Experience 12 miles of Class III-IV white-water action on the Kennebec Row Frame Option. The minimum age is 8. Receive a guide rowing raft and a scrumptious cookout lunch.
  • More experienced thrill-seekers should sign up for the Kennebec River Rafting trip offering 12 miles of high-adrenaline rafting on Class III-IV (V) whitewater. The minimum age is 10 and participants enjoy a tasty cookout lunch at the base.
  • Want the ultimate Maine challenge? Go for a Dead River High-Water Rafting adventure. Tackle 16 miles of Class III-IV (V) white-water action. The minimum age of participants is 14. Fill-up at the awesome cookout lunch at the base.

Massachusetts White Water Trips

Select a rafting trip in Massachusetts. White-water rafting trips and inflatable kayak trips run daily from early April to mid-October. The setting is the scenic Berkshire Mountains, a stunning backdrop for a memorable adventure. Enjoy comfortable lodging after a physical day out on the water.

  • The Deerfield River Half-Day Family Rafting Trip introduces family to white-water rafting. Appropriate for ages 5 and up, it offers eight miles of Class I-II white water. Riverside snacks are provided with an optional cookout after the trip.
  • Make it a full day trip with 10 miles of Class I-III white water on the Deerfield River Fife Brook Section Rafting trip. The minimum age is 8 and a delicious picnic lunch is provided.
  • Experience eight miles of Class II-IV white-water action on the Millers River Rafting full day trip. Only available during the Spring. The minimum age is 12. Receive a cookout lunch.
  • Want the ultimate Massachusetts adventure? Go for the Deerfield River Monroe Bridge Section Rafting trip. Challenge the group to 5 miles of Class III-IV white-water action. The minimum age for participants is 15. Enjoy an awesome cookout lunch.

Whitewater Rafting Trips in Vermont

Go on a rafting trip in Vermont. Rafting trips run seasonally from the spring to the fall on the West River. Explore Southern Vermont on your rafting trip for an idyllic vacation. Settle in at the convenient Vermont lodging options available.

  • Want the challenging full day adventure in Vermont? Sign up for the West River Rafting trip along eight miles of Class II-IV white-water action. The minimum age is 12. Enjoy an awesome cookout lunch.

Whether for a day, a weekend or a week-long vacation, add Crab Apple Whitewater, Inc. to the top of your list for all of your white-water rafting trip needs. Contact them today to schedule your next white-water rafting trip for an enjoyable experience for all.