Senior Class Trip Activities in Maine and Massachusetts


Senior Class Trip Activities in Maine and Massachusetts

Senior Class trips are a rite of passage for students leaving the friendly confines of the local high school and preparing to head off to the next chapter in life. It is one last chance to bond with friends that have been there for four years and possibly many more.

Senior Class trips have many considerations – location, cost and student safety are important factors. Parents and chaperones hope for a choice that is safe and relatively easy to oversee. Students want a “cool” activity that they can experience with their friends and is somewhat removed from the watchful eye of their guardians. Trip Senior class trip budgets vary widely for class trips as some experiences are completely funded by the students and some while other experiences are partially or wholly funded by the school. Budget will be a determining factor for travel and extent of the any senior class trip.

Best Senior Class Trip Activities

Amusement Parks – Senior Class day trips to a local amusement park are common, but are often not satisfying for students or chaperones. The class typically breaks into small groups at a theme park rather than sharing the experience as an entire class. The chaperones have the impossible job to keep track of dozens of students over a very large area.

Trips to Large Cities – Senior Class trips to NYC or other large metropolitan areas are exciting for students who do not live in an urban environment. However, these trips are challenging and nerve racking for parents and chaperones. Kids can get spread out over a large, unfamiliar area and inevitably someone can get separated from their group. Similar to theme park trips, students often get to these urban areas and quickly break into small groups to explore the surroundings. It is nearly impossible to keep the class together to share the experience as one unit.

Adventure Activities – Outdoor Adventure such as whitewater rafting, zip lining, paintball, laser tag (sorry, indoors) can be great Senior Class trip options that keep the class together, the kids engaged and the chaperones can participate and enjoy the activity as well. Whitewater rafting is a real winner with schools – chaperones find that the kids love the action and excitement and participate as a class, rather than an activity that allows them to break into small groups and separate for the day. Further, the chaperones mix in rafts with the kids and have a great experience while watching the students from close up having the time of their lives.

Whitewater Rafting – Crab Apple Whitewater is a family owned rafting company that has hosted Senior Class whitewater rafting trips since 1983. River rafting trips range from Mild to Wild at two locations – Maine and Massachusetts.

One day Senior Class trips are popular to the Crab Apple Whitewater Massachusetts location for schools in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Vermont. Whitewater rafting trips are typically three to four hours on the water and include all equipment and a lunch.

Many schools are lucky enough to plan an overnight whitewater rafting adventure to Crab Apple Whitewater’s base on the Kennebec River in Maine. The Kennebec River offers world-class rapids and Crab Apple Whitewater has a beautiful base camp right alongside the river. Overnight accommodations are comfortable and many students take advantage of the hot tub and heated swimming pool. Overnights with rafting, meals and entertainment are all $100pp (as of 2016) or less.

Chemical Free Project Graduation packages are also popular for student class trips at Crab Apple Whitewater. Overnight activities, food and entertainment keep the kids engaged, safe and enjoying each other’s company. Project Graduation trips with whitewater rafting, meals and entertainment are all $100pp (as of 2016) or less.

Choose a great activity for the once-in-a-lifetime Senior Class trip. Consider the safety, fun and engagement of both the students and their chaperones. Make it a trip and experience to remember!

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