Additional Trip Information


For every trip you need:

  • Bathing suit or shorts
  • Footwear – sneakers or sandals with secure toe and ankle straps (flip flops not allowed)
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Change of clothes and shoes for after trip

Items for spring and fall & cool or rainy days:

  • ***Avoid cotton clothing – it cools the body when wet!
  • For feet: wool or fleece socks. Very important in spring!
  • For torso and legs: performance apparel (Under Armour/Dri Fit), wool, fleece, capilene, polypropylene
  • Outer layer: wind jacket and pants are great for shedding water and can be worn over a wetsuit or fleece

Clean, comfortable wetsuits and wetsuit boots will always be available for rent. Fleece and synthetics are extra warm under wetsuits and wetsuit boots. Wind jackets and pants can be worn over wetsuits to shed water and add warmth.

Crab Apple houses a fun store where you may purchase a fine selection of apparel and souvenirs. Our pub and restaurant will also be open for relaxing after trips.

Medications / Physical Limitations:
Always bring medications which you may need on the river i.e. asthma inhaler, bee sting kit, etc.

Pregnant women, persons with a heart condition and anyone with a medical problem that could be affected by the heat, cold, exertion, excitement, etc. of a raft trip may not raft. We reserve the right to refuse anyone the opportunity to participate in any of our adventures because of a medical, physical or size limitation that we feel might expose them to extreme risk. Life jackets fit a chest size of 58 inches. Contact our office with questions concerning these policies.

Accommodations @ Crab Apple The Forks, Maine
Crab Apple offers you a comfortable, hassle-free stay in our suites, lodge, cabins and campsites. We also have an outdoor pool and firepit to enjoy in the complex.


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