First time Whitewater Rafting

Everyone loves to go on a white water rafting trip, but if you’ve never been on the water how do you know what to wear? No matter if you are rafting in Maine or Massachusetts, here are a few key things to do to prepare for your adventure./p>

How to dress – Whitewater rafting is what people like to call a “wet sport.” One thing that can be assured is you are going to get wet from head to toe. The proper white water attire is obviously either a bathing suit or swim trunks, but what else should you wear? The biggest thing to avoid is lots of cotton. Once cotton gets wet it loses all its warm properties. Synthetics like poly propylene, capilene, nylon and silk are the best. They provide wicking ability and will keep the rafter warm even when getting soaked by the big whitewater. In the spring and fall, winter hats are also helpful under helmets. Secure footwear is also important, as the biggest whitewater often claims flip flops and loose shoes. Teva sandals, old sneakers or water shoes work best.

Other things to bring- Sunscreen is important on bright summer days. The rays reflect off the water and many a rafter has suffered sunburns without even realizing it until after the trip. Cheap sunglasses are also nice on sunny days. If you need to bring any prescription medications (epi pens, insulin etc.), Crab Apple can provide dry bags to keep them in during the trip. It’s much better to have something and not need it on the water. Dry clothes and a towel are also a must after your adventure.


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