Whitewater Rafting Makes Strong Comeback in New England


Whitewater Rafting Makes Strong Comeback in New England

With blooming flowers and warm weather, it’s no wonder that spring gets New England residents outdoors. There are many outdoor activity options throughout New England, but whitewater rafting is at the top of the list for those who want to get back to nature. Spring is the start of the whitewater rafting season, and brings with it high water and big rapids—and a great time had by all. As far as New England residents are concerned, whitewater rafting is the best activity around. Here’s why:

More Exciting Than ANY TV

Life is all about entertainment, but television is not the only way to go. With whitewater rafting in New England, not only do you get to have a fun-filled day, you get the endorphin rush that is created when facing the big dips and rapid speeds that come with whitewater rafting. Some of our whitewater rafting trips in New England even include squirt guns (we call these our enjoyable and easy funyaking adventures). You can’t get in a water fight in the living room, but you better believe you can get in one on the inflatable kayaks.

With locations in Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont, one of our prime rafting locations is right around the corner, making it the perfect day trip. We guarantee watching television won’t give you near as much excitement as a day navigating through the gorgeous rivers in New England.

Better Than the Treadmill

When you want to stay in shape, the treadmill gets old, fast. It’s so repetitive, and it sure as heck doesn’t offer you any fresh air to take in. With whitewater rafting, you are sure to get the workout of your life—especially if you opt for one of our wilder rafting trips. The more tiring it is, the more exhilarating your experience, and the more toned your muscles will get. While you are always welcome to take a whitewater rafting trip every day, even just doing one every week or two will help break up the monotony of your workout routine and help you stay fit.

Less Fight-Inducing Than Game Night

You want to spend time with your family, we get that, but when did family bonding time mean bickering over Monopoly while eating chips and M&Ms? It’s time to move beyond the game board and explore nature with your family. We believe in family so much (we are family owned and operated, after all) that we have created several whitewater rafting trips with families in mind. Imagine how incredible it will be to share the experience of whitewater rafting with your loved ones. You can make long-lasting memories together with the magnificent rivers of New England as your backdrop. It will be an adventure of a lifetime that will make your family ties even stronger—and no more bickering over board games.

Rafting Comeback Ready to amp up the excitement level in your life, while getting exercise and building lifelong memories? Contact us today to book your New England whitewater rafting excursion.

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