Gear for Whitewater Rafting


Gear for Whitewater Rafting

Whitewater Rafting is similar to most outdoor adventure sports – there is a lot of gear to buy to make your experience better and there are many manufacturers and retailers who sell whitewater rafting gear. Gear options will vary from inexpensive and basic to elaborate and pricey.

Gear for whitewater rafting in New England will vary from other geographic regions based on weather, of course. More cold gear, layers and safety equipment are needed for cold weather and cold water rafting than warm water locations. Spring, fall and winter whitewater rafting in New England can be in challenging conditions and safety can depend on having good gear. Summer and warm-water rafting may have fewer levels and layers for outfitting gear; nonetheless great whitewater rafting gear makes all the difference for an enjoyable and safe whitewater rafting experience.

At Crab Apple Whitewater, we have been buying most of our whitewater rafting gear from Northwest River Supply (NRS) for about twenty years. NRS is widely known as a great manufacturer and retailer in the whitewater outfitting market.

At Crab Apple, we buy some rafts and most gear related to the rafts from NRS – pumps, repair tools, paddles, oars, first aid kits and rescue ropes all are ordered from NRS. We have several NRS rafts in our fleet. NRS whitewater rafts are made at their own factory which ensures excellent quality and workmanship.

We outfit our rafting guests with NRS life jackets, helmets and wetsuits. All of these items are of high quality and durability. We meticulously maintain our personal whitewater rafting gear and NRS rafting gear lasts a long time in spite of the repeated and heavy use during our whitewater rafting seasons in New England.

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) has taken off around the world as a popular new outdoor activity. Crab Apple bought a half-dozen inflatable SUP’s a few years back for our Massachusetts location and they have been a nice addition to our offerings in the Berkshires.

Finally, the Crab Apple Whitewater river guide staff is a huge proponent of NRS and gear for river rafting guides and raft guides who also enjoy kayaking on their day off. Nearly 100% of the gear worn by Crab Apple raft guides is purchased through NRS because they offer excellent pricing for river professionals and the quality stands up to the heavy use during the New England whitewater rafting season.

NRS is based in Moscow, Idaho and have been great partners of Crab Apple Whitewater for two decades. Their contact info is 877.677.4327. NRS, 2009 S. Main St., Moscow, ID 83843.

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