Turn Your Whitewater Rafting Trip into a Massachusetts Vacation


Turn Your Whitewater Rafting Trip into a Massachusetts Vacation

Whether you venture onto Millers River or join one of the many Deerfield River rafting trips, there is a world of action-packed, whitewater vacation fun throughout Massachusetts.

Deerfield River – Fife Brook Section Rafting

The Fife Brook on the Deerfield River gives new rafters a mild introduction to this adventure sport. This section of the river features Class I-III rapids, so there are still plenty of thrills for anyone to relish at any level. Enjoy “Hurricane Rapid,” “Sideways Splash” and “Pinball” rapids — between mellow cruising that lets you take in the 10 miles of scenic shoreline during your three to four-hour voyage.

Deerfield River – Monroe Bridge Section Rafting

The action ramps up at the Monroe Section of the Deerfield River where you experience Class III-IV rapids throughout these five-mile whitewater rafting trips. The trip kicks off with a Class II warm-up before rapids such as “Devil’s Odds” and “Landslide.” The rafting guides help you power through the rapids for a huge payoff in thrills for this two to three-hour trip.

Deerfield River Funyaks

Deerfield River Funyaks are self-bailing, inflatable kayaks that accommodate one or to people. These crafts are especially great for rafting fans introducing young children to a life of white water rafting trips. Children age 10 can take on their on funyak while children age five and up can board one of the double funyaks. These rapids are gentle, featuring Class I-II, to keep things calm for the whole family to enjoy a day on the water together. This laid back eight-mile trek lasts about three hours and ends with a tasty picnic or cookout.

Deerfield River Half-Day Family Rafting

If you have your heart set on finding the perfect family-friendly white water rafting trips, the Deerfield River Half-Day Family Rafting Trip may be just the ticket. The minimum age of five years old sets the tone for this family-friendly day of rafting. This trip is the ideal way to make sure everyone can experience the gorgeous Deerfield River and its low-key, yet exhilarating, Class I-II rapids.

Stand-Up Paddleboard Rentals

If you want to find a quiet and solitary way to spend some time on the water and in the sun, casually soaking up the sights, renting stand-up paddleboards is the perfect option.

Explore Massachusetts for the Rest of Your Whitewater Rafting Trip

Brimming with history, nature, sports and more, Massachusetts has so much to offer visitors, no matter where you are from. Crab Apple has provided a list of nearby Massachusetts available lodging—along with discount opportunities—to help make that choice easy.

Contact us by sending a message to let us know what our team at Crab Apple Whitewater, Inc. can do. We look forward to help you arrange your dream vacation centered around your white water rafting trips.

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