Team Building for College Groups


Team Building for College Groups

Team Building for College Groups

College groups looking for fun outings should consider the importance of a team dynamic in their choice of trip or adventure. Amusement parks are fun, but the activity is provided and passive – not much chance to work together and complete a challenge or improve the experience through the skills or effort of the group. Similarly, a trip to an athletic event or concert are potentially cool and fun but leave out the active element of group participation to make the event even better.

At Crab Apple Whitewater, We Have A Solution

We have an activity that forces college groups to literally sink or swim as a group – whitewater rafting. There is nothing better than challenging a river with a group of 6-8 friends in a raft with an experienced guide who knows the river, knows the rapids but needs a well-oiled crew to make a memorable run down the river and through the whitewater rapids.

How it Works

Before setting out on a river rafting adventure, all participants get geared up and hear specific safety instructions for rafting. Instructions focus on team paddling and a team effort if a rescue is necessary when a teammate washes out of the raft.

During the rapids, all rafters need to paddle hard to help the raft go fast and in the direction that guide wants to steer. Going fast and clean through a rapid takes coordinated teamwork amongst the 6-8 paddlers. The lead rafters have to set a good, strong pace and the other paddlers need to stay in sync and PADDLE HARD in the big rapids. The excitement after surviving and crushing a big rapid is like no other – high fives and paddle taps are common sights in the calm waters at the bottom of a huge rapid.

College groups from Fraternities and Sororities often join Crab Apple for rafting trips. Many groups include a night of camping and fun before or after the rafting trip to complete a quick, but awesome getaway. College athletic teams also like to join Crab Apple Whitewater Rafting in their off-seasons. College coaches love an aggressive raft trip to forge a team into a tight crew and work together outside of their comfort zones. Other college groups that join Crab Apple include dorm groups, outing clubs and science based classes such as Geology and River Ecology.

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