Senior Class Trips with Crab Apple Whitewater Rafting


Senior Class Trips with Crab Apple Whitewater Rafting

Some of the best trips Crab Apple hosts every year are Senior Class Trips and Project Graduation activities for Maine students. Crab Apple Whitewater also hosts many other types of school groups such as 8th grade classes and sports teams. Dozens of schools choose Crab Apple’s whitewater rafting trips for the seniors every year. Seniors spend a day outside enjoying the thrills of whitewater rafting with their classmates. Crab Apple…


Senior Class Trip Activities in Maine and Massachusetts

Senior Class trips are a rite of passage for students leaving the friendly confines of the local high school and preparing to head off to the next chapter in life. It is one last chance to bond with friends that have been there for four years and possibly many more. Senior Class trips have many considerations – location, cost and student safety are important factors. Parents and chaperones hope for…