Sun Protection & Waterproof Sunscreen Tips for Whitewater Rafting


Sun Protection & Waterproof Sunscreen Tips for Whitewater Rafting

Sun Protection for One-Day Whitewater Rafting Trip

Safety is always the number one concern on a whitewater rafting adventure. Trust is placed in an outfitter to provide safe equipment, competent river guides and safe transportation to and from the river. There are also measures that the customer can take to add to the safety of their trip. One of these measures is to bring sunscreen and proper clothing to protect from the sun.

Sunscreen is a must on whitewater rafting trips. Exposed skin needs to have a healthy dose of sunscreen applied before the trip. Start with the face and head, especially the nose and ears. Life jackets and personal floatation devices cover the torso, but leave shoulders and arms exposed. Hit these areas hard with sunscreen if they are left exposed on the river. Legs may be partially covered with a swimsuit but the lower legs need a layer of sunscreen as well. Footwear appropriate for the river may leave the tops of feet exposed – cover up here as well.

Bring a small tube of sunscreen in a zippered pocket during the trip. Sunscreen should be reapplied on longer trips. Sweat and splashes from the river will definitely remove the original application. Take advantage of a stop alongside the river for a break or lunch to re-apply.

Clearly there is appropriate clothing for a rafting trip and it is important to plan out that clothing but it also adds some protection from the sun. A hat is a good start. Most river trips require helmets, but hats can fit under helmets comfortably and add much needed cover. If helmets are not required, wear the hat but don’t forget to secure the hat to your life jacket with a string so it is not lost during the trip!

Choose a shirt that covers the shoulders to keep the sun off. Tank tops are not the best option for a long day on the river. More and more people are wearing tights or yoga pants for outdoor activities – these are perfect for covering up the legs during a trip. Safe and appropriate footwear include a variety of sandals that leave parts of the feet exposed. Lean towards good footing and traction in the raft when choosing footwear and add a bit of sunscreen to the exposed bits of skin.

If you are headed out on the river, don’t forget the sunscreen. Re-apply during the trip. Wear clothing that is comfortable but takes into account exposure to the sun’s rays.


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