Summer Camp Whitewater Rafting Trips


Summer Camp Whitewater Rafting Trips

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Summer Camp Program Directors are always looking for exciting trips that will thrill their campers and counselors. It can be difficult to find activities to engage teens and “tweens”. This age group is looking to escape the confines of camp and experience something new and exciting with their closest friends. Similarly, summer camp staff are eager to leave “campus” and take the kids for an event that both the kids and the staff will enjoy.

Whitewater action activities are superb options for summer camp trips. River outfitters around the country offer safe and fun whitewater experiences in rafts and kayaks.

Crab Apple Whitewater Rafting has offered whitewater rafting and kayak trips on rivers in Maine and Massachusetts since 1983. Dozens of summer camps join Crab Apple Rafting each season on the Kennebec River in Maine and the Deerfield River in Massachusetts.

Summer Camp Program Directors have called on Crab Apple to lead professional, safe trips for over 30 years. All Crab Apple Rafting trips include family members as part of each trip, expert river guides, superior equipment such as rafts, life jackets, helmets and wetsuits and excellent food. The entire experience runs smoothly to ensure that the campers and their accompanying staff have a day to remember.

In Maine, rafting on the world class Kennebec River is available to campers 12 years and older. Rafts holding 6-8 campers plus 1-2 staff will send it down the Kennebec River gorge into Class 3 and 4 rapids. The water warms up to 75 or so degrees in the summer so big waves crashing into the raft feel refreshing on a hot summer day. In between rapids, campers can slide out of the raft and hold onto a safety rope and float along in mild rapids and calm areas. The Kennebec River rafting trip ends back at Crab Apple Whitewater’s riverside base camp. Campers and staff leave the rafts, dry off or hop into the swimming pool and await the dinner bell. All whitewater rafting trips at Crab Apple in Maine include a delicious cookout with lots of choices and options served on a deck overlooking the swimming pool and Kennebec River.

In Massachusetts, rafting on the dam controlled Deerfield River is available daily. Weekday runs are on the popular Class 2 and 3 rapid section. Rafts with 5-6 campers and a staff member from camp enjoy splashes from easy and intermediate sized rapids. A hearty picnic lunch is served half-way through the trip at a shaded picnic area complete with rest rooms.

Weekend rafting in Massachusetts includes both the Class 2 and 3 rapids and also a wilder trip on Class 3 and 4 rapids for teens ages 15 and up.

Seven days a week on the Deerfield River Crab Apple offers the extremely popular “funyak” adventure. “Funyaks” are stable inflatable kayaks that are paddled by one or two people through mild Class 1 and 2 rapids each afternoon. Warm water, snacks and giant squirt guns are features of this trip. The funk trip ends at our riverside base camp along the historic Mohawk Trail and Deerfield River.

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