Spend Your Upcoming Whitewater Rafting Trip in Maine with Crab Apple


Spend Your Upcoming Whitewater Rafting Trip in Maine with Crab Apple

Whether you’re new to whitewater rafting or are a seasoned paddler, you may be searching for your next site for adventure on the rapids. Consider the great state of Maine, where you can find a variety of outdoors adventures.

What Type of Experience Can You Expect with Crab Apple Whitewater Rafting Trips?

This family owned company specializes in providing unique experiences on the water. Formed in 1983, Crab Apple has proudly provided consistent personalized and caring service and a safe and comfortable environment, creating the perfect circumstances for a fun and memorable white water rafting trip.

What Types of Whitewater Rafting Trips Are Available?

Crab Apple offers almost any type of white water rafting trip you have in mind, from hitting the water on your own, with family, or joining a group tour. The dedicated support staff and rafting guides have worked with customers from all types of experience over the years and are ready and enthusiastic to help exceed your whitewater adventure expectations. Everyone ends up feeling like family by the time they successfully conquer the first rapid together.

Maine features two breathtaking rivers that offer non-stop action and excitement amid gorgeous scenery. Take a look at the various trips available on our Kennebec and Dead Rivers. Keep in mind that you can also schedule paintball games and moose tours at The Forks, Maine, if you want some extra excitement outside of the water. You will find a great variety of lodging in the area for both river sites.

The Kennebec Whitewater Rafting Experience

The Kennebec River features three rafting trip packages. One of those trips features 12 miles of Class III-IV (V) level rapids while the 6-mile rafting trip features Class I-II. Another 12-mile rafting trip that features Class III-IV (V) rapids offers the row frame option. Each of these exciting expeditions features a cookout lunch.

The Dead River Whitewater Rafting Experience

Maine’s Dead River, which is often considered the West Branch of the Kennebec, offers its own extraordinary adventures. Try out the high water rafting trip that features Class III-IV (V) rapids and covers 12 miles. The 12-mile summer rafting trip keeps things ever-so-slightly more mellow with Class II-III rapids. These high-intensity endurance runs will have you ready for the delicious cookout for each trip.

As far as shopping goes, you can’t find anything better than Berry’s General Store, where you can find essential gear, jackets, clothing and much more.

Are You Ready to Take the Plunge with Crab Apple?

We hope that you are ready to join us for one of our many whitewater rafting trips. Please contact us if you need more details about one or more of the adventures, age limits per rapids class, eating arrangements on the water, local attractions, lodgings and discounts, pricing and scheduling, or anything else that will help you make your decision. Let us help you plan your adventure.

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