Deerfield River – Fife Brook Section Rafting

 Apr 14, 2014 - Massachusetts

Fun, Easy Whitewater!

This beautiful ten mile trip through mild whitewater is the perfect outing for families, friends, groups and youth organizations. Daily dam control ensures we start out with a bang at “Hurricane Rapid” followed by easy rapids such as “Sideways Splash”, “Freight Train” and “Pinball”. Calm sections allow your guide to fill you in on local history and to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the Berkshires. Midway through the trip our self-bailing rafts approach the day’s biggest rapid, “Zoar Gap”. After safely navigating this exciting Class III stretch, the second half of the trip includes fun rapids such as “Slam Dance” and “Cold River Rapid” as well as opportunities to get out of the boat and float or engage in team water fights.