Multi-Day Trips


Multi-Day Trips

High Adventure Package

Put together the "Ultimate Whitewater Weekend" by combining the Kennebec River with a day of rafting on the Dead River and cover 28 miles of the Northeast's biggest whitewater over two days.Conquer "Magic Falls" one day and descend "Poplar Hill Falls" on the other. Stay with us at Crab Apple in our suites, cottages or lodge for a comfortable, hassle-free trip.

Includes: Rafting on the Dead and Kennebec Rivers plus two steak, chicken, fish or vegetarian option cookouts

Schedule and Pricing:

May 13-14, 20-21, 27-28 June 3-4,10-11, Sept 16-17, Oct 7-8 $189pp
Labor Day Weekend September 2-3 $214pp

*Prices do not include state and river access fees


The Master Blaster

High Adventure Package - Multi-Day Whitewater Rafting Trips in Maine

Whether it's your first or fifth time rafting, this two day Kennebec River rafting package promises lots of thrills. Raft the first day on the Kennebec River in our standard 16 foot rafts. Take this day to master the paddling commands and become familiar with the rapids because on the second day you'll blast down through the Class III-IV rapids of the Kennebec in a 13 foot, Go For It boat. Use the skills you learned the first day and paddle your way into more action on the second. The Go For It boats are the sports car of rafts, promising thrills, chills and possible spills.

Trip dates: Daily starting May 15
Price: First day raft trip price plus $100pp for second day Go For It raft
Minimum Age: 14


The Master Blaster - Multi-Day Whitewater Rafting Trips in Maine

Two Day Upper Gorge

Want to raft two days, but the thought of getting home late and having to work the next day makes it impossible? Try the Two Day Upper Gorge option - raft all day on the Kennebec and raft just the Upper Kennebec Gorge ("Magic Falls", "Big Mama", etc.) on the following day, allowing you to leave by 1pm.

Price: First day rafting price plus $65 for Upper Gorge
Includes: Kennebec with lunch first day, Upper Gorge trip second day

OR, want to raft the big whitewater of the Upper Gorge on the second day and then play paintball in the afternoon? The Upper Gorge option will give you a two day adrenaline rush!

Price: First day rafting price plus $65 for Upper Gorge, plus $45 for half-day paintball
Includes: Kennebec with lunch first day, Upper Gorge trip second day, half-day paintball


Generator Check Multi-Day Packages

June 17-18 -- Saturday June 17th raft the Kennebec on the Generator Check then follow with the Kennebec at its normal flow on Sunday June 18th. $196pp.
Try a Go For It raft on Sunday $221pp.

July 9-10 -- Sunday July 9th raft the Kennebec at a normal water level and then raft the Kennebec again on Monday July 10th at the Generator Check water flow of 8000 CFS! This weekend will feature 2 very different and exciting rides on the same river. $196pp

September 9-10, 23-24 -- Raft the Kennebec at 8000 cfs Saturday then drop into "Magic Falls" at the normal water level on Sunday. $196pp