Maine Resident Rafting Prices

Maine Resident Whitewater Rafting

Crab Apple Whitewater has offered special rates to Maine residents since opening in 1983. Check out the rates below and join us this season for an adventure you'll never forget!


Kennebec River White Water Rafting

The Kennebec River adventure immediately enters a narrow gorge. Quickly picking up speed, rafts plunge through huge rolling waves and heart-pounding drops. Legendary Class III and IV rapids such as "Three Sisters" and "Magic Falls" await you at every turn through the gorge. Our Kennebec trip ends where it began, right back at our base—no cold, soggy shuttle ride at Crab Apple!  Enjoy the hot tub or swimming pool while your guides prepare a delicious cookout. After lunch we head to our comfortable conference room to view photos and video from your day on the Kennebec. Minimum Age: 10

Maine Resident Prices & Available Dates:

April 13 - May 24, September 3 - October 6 
$75pp weekdays, $80pp weekends (Save up to $25pp)

May 25 - September 2
$75pp weekdays, $90pp* weekends plus access fees  (Save up to $31pp)
*Add $5pp weekends in July and August.

Highest Kennebec Dam Releases of 2019

Generator Check - June 15, July 8, September 7, 21

Four days this summer Harris Station Dam will run at full throttle - over 8,000 cfs! The action is fast and the waves are HUGE - the wave called "Big Mama" climbs to 20 feet high! These four dates will be summer highlights.

Maine Resident Price: $90pp plus access fees Save $31pp
Minimum Age: 14

Dead River High Water Rafting

The Dead River has special high volume dam releases each season that produce big whitewater action over 16 miles. The river bed drops steadily during the entire run and produces long, consistent action that builds throughout the day in Class III-IV (V) rapids such as "Humpty Dumpty", "Elephant Rock" and "Spruce Ledges". Each rapid includes long wave trains and sudden drops into deep holes. The Dead continues to build through dozens of rapids and culminates in the LONGEST RAPID IN THE NORTHEAST, Class IV (V) "Poplar Hill Falls". "Poplar" on its own is one mile of whitewater with huge standing waves and deep, turbulent holes. When you combine "Poplar" with the rest of this action packed trip, you have the finest raft trip in the Northeast!

Maine Resident Price: $84pp plus access fees Save $30pp

Minimum Age: 14

Available Dates:
May 11, 18, 26, June 1, 8, September 1, 14, October 5

High Adventure Package - The Ultimate Weekend Adventure

The best way to take advantage of the Dead River is to combine it with a day of rafting on the Kennebec and cover 28 miles of the Northeast's biggest whitewater over two days. Put together the ultimate weekend adventure by conquering "Magic Falls" one day and descending "Poplar Hill Falls" on the other.

Maine Resident Price: $164 - 174pp Save up to $40pp
Note: High Adventure price does not include state and river access fees.

Minimum Age: 14

Dead River Summer Dam Release Rafting

The Dead River in the Summer features intermediate whitewater flows. Dozens of rapids and spectacular wilderness scenery make this a perfect trip for families and those wishing to try a little easier whitewater.

Minimum Age: 9

Maine Resident Price: Adults $80pp Children under 16 $60pp plus access fees Save $12pp

Available dates: July 27