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 Religious Group Whitewater Rafting - Crab Apple

Religious Youth Group Rafting


Lodging - Crab Apple Whitewater

Lodging at Crab Apple

If you are rafting in Maine, stay on the Crab Apple base! View our lodging options, layouts, pricing and restaurant menu.

View Maine lodging options, layouts and pricing

View Group Meal Plan

If rafting in Massachusetts, here are the options for lodging and camping in the area.

View Massachusetts lodging options

If rafting the West River in Vermont, here are the best local options.

View Vermont lodging options


Whitewater Rafting Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions

  Do you offer group discounts ?

Yes. We offer a choice of discounted rates or free trips based on the number of people in your group. See our Group Outings page for details. We also offer discounts for YOUTH GROUPS. Check out our Boy and Girl Scout, School, College, Recreation Department, Summer Camp and Religious Youth Group Programs.

  What is the best time to raft?

Rafting rates are lower in the early and late season on many of our trips. Weekday rates are lower than weekend rates. You can save money by rafting with us two or more days in a row. Group leaders can earn FREE trips by bringing a group of friends or family or lower each person's ticket price depending on the number in your group. Finally, check out our Internet Specials for upcoming discounts and special offers.

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Order Photos & Souvenirs in Advance and $AVE

We offer groups savings on our most popular souvenirs if ordered in advance. Plan a souvenir into your budget for each member of your group. Listed below are the most popular items. Call our reservation office to order at 800-553-7238

Photos on Thumb Drive - Order all of the photos from your group on a Thumb Drive with Crab Apple logo. Price based on the number of rafters in your group. $75 and up.

Waterproof Cameras—Great to have 1 in each boat for candid shots during the trip. $12.00 (Reg $15.00)

Breakfast & Dinner—Pre-order breakfast or dinner before your trip to Maine. Our restaurant is located at our base for our Kennebec & Dead River trips. Full Breakfast $9pp, Full Group Dinner $15pp plus tax and gratuity.

Pre-order a cookout dinner after a rafting or funyaking adventure in Massachusetts. We will grill back at our base and your group can eat inside and watch the game or outside on the tables overlooking the river. Hamburger/Hot Dog Cookout - $12pp.

Boy and Girl Scout Adventure Patch - Complete with boy or girl scout logos, these are always a favorite. $3.00 (Reg $3.50)