Whitewater Rafting is the Ideal Outdoor Adventure for Teenagers


Whitewater Rafting is the Ideal Outdoor Adventure for Teenagers

Oh teenagers, they are so hard to please. They always want to be busy doing something—and most times it would help if it didn’t involve you. Choosing an outdoor activity for your teenager is always a smart choice because they keep your kid active, while helping them to create lasting memories. And, of course, of all of the outdoor adventures for teenagers, whitewater rafting is clearly the best. Whether you let your teenager head out on the rapids with their friends, or you encourage them to join your family (they will thank you later), these are the reasons why whitewater rafting is the ideal outdoor activity for your teen.


You Know They Are Safe

As much as you want your teen to have the time of their life, you also want them to be safe. Well, when whitewater rafting at Crab Apple, you can rest easy. We always make safety a priority, and with over 30 years of experience on the river, we certainly know what makes a whitewater rafting trip safe. Not only that, but we will require your teen to go through a comprehensive safety orientation before ever stepping foot on the raft. Oh, and we do have a satellite or cell phone with us at all times, just in case.

Everything is Included

Have you ever decided on an outdoor activity for your teen, only to find out that you have to go out and buy hundreds of dollars worth of gear to make the trip a reality? When whitewater rafting through Crab Apple, you don’t have to make any special stops at the sports store. Each rafter gets a life jacket and helmet, and we even have full wet suits available to rent when needed. As a bonus, most of our whitewater rafting excursions also include a snack or meal—and we all know how much teenagers love food.

Unforgettable Experience

Above all, you want your teenager to fully experience life, whether they bring you along for the ride or not. With our whitewater rafting trips, we promise they will get an adventure that will not soon be forgotten. From our beautiful base camps perfect for socializing to our adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventures for teenagers, it’s safe to say that their whitewater rafting experience will be the highlight of their summer. They will even have access to photo CDs and waterproof cameras to document just how unbelievable their adventure was.

Clearly, whitewater rafting is the perfect outdoor activity for your teenager. They will get to have the time of their life, and you will get to relax knowing everything is taken care of. So don’t let this summer become just another faded memory—make this summer one your teen talks about for years to come.

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