Meet Whitewater Rafting Guide, Ryan Mooney

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Meet Whitewater Rafting Guide, Ryan Mooney

A born adventure seeker, Ryan Mooney grew up in the family business at Crab Apple Whitewater. He was eager to raft by age 5 and was kayaking the Deerfield River by age 7. From a young age, all of Ryan’s summers were spent at the Massachusetts base camp, participating in a sport that he has literally grown up with. As a little boy, Ryan eagerly helped out with gear before and after Whitewater Rafting Trips, which led to becoming a crew member of the Funyak staff in middle school. By the time he reached high school, Ryan was an official Crab Apple Whitewater Photographer.  All of these moments led to Ryan experiencing his first raft guide season in 2013—an exhilarating role you could say he prepared his whole life for!

During the school year, Ryan attends the Green Mountain Valley School in Vermont, a ski academy which sends many student athletes to the US Alpine and Cross Country Ski Teams. He has excelled during these past three years in Vermont and has had numerous opportunities to ski around the world. Ryan has raced and trained in South America, Europe and North America and is strong in all four events of alpine skiing – Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super Giant Slalom and Downhill.

For the whitewater rafting off-season of 2013/2014, Ryan spent September training in Chile, and most of October and November training and racing in Colorado. He  plans to race in Europe in the spring. Early season race results have been strong and his goals for the season include an invite to the US Alpine Team Try-Outs in May. During this time, Ryan has also balanced a full course load at school and is applying to  several prestigious colleges and universities throughout the northeast. It is not surprising that many of  these schools have historically strong alpine ski teams. Ryan’s grandfather attended Dartmouth, and he  hopes to carry on that legacy.  But for now, no decisions have been made, leaving his bright academic future wide-open.

Ryan also mixes in some off-season kayaking when he is at “home” in Vermont or home on the Deerfield River. Big rain over the Christmas holiday had him off the slopes and back into his kayak. He is part of Dagger Kayaks Global Team and welcomed the break from skiing to run some big local creeks. Here is a video of some 2013 kayaking highlights; you can see more videos on his Vimeo channel site. Passionate about action photography and videography, Ryan often has his Go-Pro camera mounted on his kayak or helmet and more of his videos can be found at his YouTube channel of the video editing is conducted by Ryan during the whitewater off-season, usually when  he is traveling for ski competitions.

When ski racing season winds down in April or May, Ryan will be back for the 2014 season on the Deerfield as a guide, photographer and videographer.

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