Maine’s Best Whitewater Rapids


Maine’s Best Whitewater Rapids

5 of Maines Best Whitewater Rapids

  1. The most famous rapid in Maine white water rafting is “Magic Falls”. Featured about 3 miles into the Kennebec River, Magic Falls is a large class 4 rapid. Approximately ½ a mile long, Magic features a 16ft slide into a large raft eating hole. If the rafter makes it through they then need to navigate “The House Wave” and other large crashing waves down through the bottom of the rapid.
  2. The Alleyway is a ½ mile section of class 4 waves located at the beginning of the Kennebec River. The rapid features large waves and the infamous “White Washer.” High volume eddy lines and holes are on full display in this famous rapid. Many an expert rafter and kayaker has swum this section unexpectedly.
  3. An often overlooked rapid on The Kennebec River is “The Three Sisters.” About 1 mile into The Kennebec River Gorge the river constricts. The force of the water crashing together forms 3 large breaking waves. The first is aptly named “Big Mama.” Standing 12 ft tall at normal levels, Big Mama will reach 20ft at super high water flows. The 2nd and 3rd sisters are smaller, but at peak flows the 3rd “sister” can create a strong crashing wave. If rafters don’t paddle hard in this rapid boats often capsize.
  4. The Dead River is a 16 mile trip with long rapids. “Hayden’s Landing” is 4 miles into this run. A short Class 4 rapid, it features a tight white water hole called “Humpty Dumpty. You don’t want to swim at Humpty Dumpty because a 100 yards downstream lies another hole that protects the calm water down below.
  5. Poplar Hill Falls is the last rapid on The Dead River and the longest and largest stretch of whitewater in New England. Approximately 1 mile long, Poplar has it all. Large crashing waves and tight holes are prominent throughout this stretch. “The Fryolator” must be avoided at all costs and paddlers must be on their game, or all will swim.

    Maine rafting features lots of great whitewater, but these 5 are favorites of guests and guides alike. The Dead River runs 8 times throughout the spring and fall. It runs primarily on snow melt and rain. The Kennebec runs every day in the spring, summer and fall. 4 times a year The Kennebec River runs at 8000+cfs. Come check out these rapids and other great whitewater this summer in Maine!

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