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Looking to organize an upcoming adventure?

Here at Crab Apple we make planning a whitewater adventure easy. Use our invite tool to customize an email to members of your group asking them to participate and giving them trip details such as date, price and location. Customize your email by selecting the adventure you are planning below. Design your email, send it to your friends and wait for their response.

Already booked your trip?

Once you’ve booked your raft trip you still need to get the trip details to everyone in your party. Use the invite tool to customize an email to the members of your group. This is an easy way to provide the members of your group with trip details, trip date and location, payment information and directions.

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Once you select your trip from the pull down above the information in this column will help you craft your email:

Invite your friends on an adventure

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Use the information in the right column to help you craft the perfect email to your friends to let them know about your plans for the adventure of a lifetime!