Adventure Travel for High School Students


Adventure Travel for High School Students

What a High School Student Can Learn from White Water Rafting in Maine

Adventure travel is a popular activity for high school students. From Australia to Peru to France, traveling abroad helps them explore the world and learn valuable life lessons. But did you realize that there is something just as exciting in Maine that offers plenty of teachable moments? It’s true, and it’s called white water rafting. Not sure what we are talking about? Here are just a few of the lessons that a high school student can learn while white water rafting in Maine-no expensive adventure travel required:

Hard Work is Worth It

White water rafting in Maine is no easy task; it takes a lot of physical endurance and stamina and it will definitely get you sweating. But the hard work is so worth it. On our Dead River white water rafting trip, high school students will be put to the test as they paddle through 16 miles of intense rapids and epic drops. When it’s all over, they will have had one of the greatest adventure travel experiences of their lives, and they will learn that the most rewarding experiences in life require hard work.

Tough Times Show the True Person

Many high school students believe they have incredible friends, but they might not really know their friends until they’ve seen them go through hard times. When the going gets tough, someone’s true character comes out. While white water rafting in Maine, some high school students will be able to work effortlessly with the team and improve the experience, while others will just get frustrated and show their true colors.

Make the Effort to Plan Ahead

As exciting as it is to just grab life by the horns without any thought to what lies ahead, that can be detrimental. In life, looking forward to the future is instrumental to success. White water rafting demonstrates this lesson flawlessly. If you don’t survey the river ahead of you and physically prepare for what is coming, then the white water rafting experience won’t be nearly as enjoyable, and may even result in a flipped raft.

Life is Nothing if Not Lived Fully

You can be alive without much effort, but to really live you must take chances, feel your heart skip a beat, and push yourself past your comfort zone. Like most adventure travel, white water rafting in Maine is the perfect example of how invigorating it can be to overcome your fears, and just imagine how amazing life can be if this lesson is learned in high school.

This summer, instead of sending your high school student far away to learn these important life lessons, just have them go white water rafting in Maine. But contact us soon, because our most exciting trips (a.k.a. the ones with the most lessons to offer) fill up fast.

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