Use of Drones by Crab Apple


Use of Drones by Crab Apple

2017 Blog – Drones

Drones are being used more and more to film adventure experiences such as whitewater rafting and kayaking. Many believe that drone footage works best when filmed in remote locations where interference from others in the shot is unlikely. Therefore, drone cameras fit in perfectly with outdoor adventure sports such as whitewater rafting and kayaking!

Drone technology, size and pricing have evolved so that professional level drones are accessible to commercial tour operators. Tour operators and outdoor outfitters can gather fantastic action footage to use in promotion of their business.

Crab Apple Whitewater has employed drones for three years to capture promotional footage for its website, social media posts, etc. The following promotional rafting video footage is nearly 100% shot with a drone

Shooting river rafting scenes with a drone is not easy. Line of site to the drone is often compromised by trees, elevation and bends in the river. Launching and landing drones in a narrow river is tricky due to overhanging trees, vegetation and the ever-present winds and breezes. Drones cannot fly safely in double digit winds.

New restrictions were introduced in mid 2016 by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for non-recreational use of small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – more popularly known as “drones”. The restrictions include height limitations, speed limits and the ability of the pilot to remain within visual line-of- sight (VLOS) of the drone.

The new FAA restrictions have not hampered Crab Apple Whitewater Rafting’s efforts to shoot action footage of white water rafting and kayaking trips. However, some outdoor businesses and properties are restricting and forbidding drone use on their properties. For example, many ski areas have banned the use of drones in the ski season as well as the off-season. The reasons cited for restricting the use of drones mostly revolve around potential safety concerns.

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