Kennebec River – Row Frame Rafting

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  Kennebec River - Row Frame Rafting
Class of Rapids: III-IV
Minimum Age: 8
Length: 12 miles
River Time: 3-4 hours
Food: steak, chicken, fish or vegetarian option cookout at base after trip

Action is the Name of the Game!
Our Guided Row Frame trip allows you to experience the thrills of the Kennebec gorge while holding on and letting one of our expert guides row through the big waves. This a great activity for families with younger  rafters (ages 8-11) or any group that would rather enjoy the action while holding on through the big whitewater. The Row Frame rafts follow along with the paddle rafts through the same rapids and section of river.


Crab Apple is certainly the BEST RUN outfit in the northeast...

“You have a top-notch, well-trained excellent friendly crew through your entire operation and your dedication to the Crab Apple tradition shows.”



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Kennebec River Rafting
Class III-IV whitewater, minimum age 10, delicious cookout lunch at our base